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AniGame Blaze Rank


Blaze is a Damage Overtime (D.O.T.) talent which increases the longer the burn is not resisted. This might be good in any long battle, and hence, the tanky (high DEF and HP stats) card of this talent is great. However, in a raid, this talent is rarely used

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Firstly, as you might expect, each card has its own usefulness. It is situational depending on factors other than stat such as element and the stats of clan.

Therefore, assuming we are against an enemy with Neutral element, here is the rank:


Card Rank Element HP ATK DEF SPD Total
Demiurge S Firefire 86 75 88 80 329
Fairy King Harlequin A Grassgrass 91 92 63 73 319
Katsuki Bakugo B Firefire 85 94 63 82 324
Mera Mera A Firefire 81 81 82 82 326
Natsu Dragneel B Firefire 80 95 64 81 320
Portgas D Ace S+ Firefire 91 72 92 70 325
Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) S+ Firefire 84 71 96 69 320
Sasuke Uchiha S Darkdark 89 80 83 75 327
Hao Asakura S+ Firefire 90 72 97 68 327
Shiva B Groundground 88 92 73 76 329
Father Mozgus Firefire 96 80 87 72 335


S+ rank

These cards are so popular you might notice it mentioned in any particular raid recommendations and floor guide. This is due to the high DEF and HP stats.


S rank

The reason Sasuke Uchiha is here although high DEF and HP stats is because of his element. Dark counters Light, and Light counters Dark. This makes him only recommended to be used against Dark floor or raid.


A rank

The reason Fairy King Harlequin is here is because of the Grass element, which can be used against certain Ground element floors or raids. The high HP is useful for clearing certain floors

Meanwhile, Mera Mera is here due to decent DEF and HP stats.


B rank

Despite the cool-looking image, these cards are here because of the low DEF and HP stats. This talent does not rely much on the ATK stat due to the % damage. Hence, even though these cards have high ATK stat, the performance is lower than the cards above.

Combining these with Trick Room DEF for raid team is also not recommended since this means the remaining slot for healer must be a card with passive heal talent (such as Life Sap, Celestial Blessing) or else it will be 3 active cards in a team.