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AniGame Trick Room DEF Rank


Trick Room DEF is talent which absorbs the DEF stats of enemy to increase your DEF stats. This means that the lower DEF stats your card has, the better. This talent is popular to use in raid

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Firstly, as you might expect, each card has its own usefulness. It is situational depending on factors other than stat such as element and the stats of clan.

Therefore, assuming we are against an enemy with Neutral element, here is the rank:


Card Rank Element HP ATK DEF SPD Total
Bell Hydra A Neutralneutral 84 89 66 82 321
Kenma Kozume S+ Waterwater 90 87 68 81 326
Near A Neutralneutral 75 81 62 88 306
Nico Robin S+ Darkdark 90 90 70 70 320
Takehisa Hinawa S+ Firefire 88 77 58 90 313
Jinpachi Ego S+ Groundground 80 82 50 88 300
Kiyotaka Ayanokouji A Neutralneutral 80 80 60 90 310
Gendo Ikari S+ Electricelectric 70 80 70 95 315
Jack The Ripper S+ Lightlight 80 81 63 91 315
Aiko Hatayama S+ Grassgrass 82 91 67 72 312
Kyoko Sakura S Firefire 83 87 67 83 320


S+ rank

These cards are ranked S+ simply because of their ridiculously low DEF stats. In addition, the elements are also great.


S rank

Kyoko Sakura is here simply because there is a better card with the same element


A rank

These cards are still useful, however the Neutral element makes it less useful compared to the others

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Card Numbers

91 x Firefire
63 x Grassgrass
87 x Groundground
95 x Waterwater
102 x Lightlight
132 x Darkdark
107 x Neutralneutral
Total: 727