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AniGame Breaker ATK Rank


Breaker ATK reduces enemy ATK stat and does not deal any damage. Because of this, other than the card stats, the element matters. This talent is great for low to medium level raid (under 1350), and seldom used for PvP

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Firstly, as you might expect, each card has its own usefulness. It is situational depending on factors other than stat such as element and the stats of clan.

Therefore, assuming we are against an enemy with Neutral element, here is the rank:


Card Rank Element HP ATK DEF SPD Total
Ais Wallenstein S Neutralneutral 68 93 94 66 321
Alice Nakiri B Groundground 81 73 76 95 325
Arthur Boyle A Firefire 86 78 72 95 331
Eto Yoshimura S Darkdark 95 80 78 73 326
Hatsune Miku A Waterwater 85 78 83 83 329
Kaguya Shinomiya A Darkdark 84 77 88 76 325
Kanade Tachibana B Lightlight 70 89 75 87 321
Leorio Paradinight B Waterwater 75 81 79 92 327
Lucy Heartfilia S Lightlight 75 92 86 68 321
Mocha Hoto B Groundground 65 93 72 92 322
Roronoa Zoro A Groundground 81 84 71 90 326
Ukyo Saionji A Grassgrass 70 90 78 83 321


S rank

These cards are ranked S, because of the high stats (ATK,DEF,HP). Also Ais Wallenstein is pretty popular due to waifu reason


A rank

These cards are ranked A, because of the element with decent stats


B rank

All the cards here have just ok stats. It does not mean these cards are useless as these can still be used for low-medium level raids. It is just each is overshadowed by another card with the same element and better stats

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Card Numbers

91 x Firefire
63 x Grassgrass
87 x Groundground
95 x Waterwater
102 x Lightlight
132 x Darkdark
107 x Neutralneutral
Total: 727