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Aiko Hatayama
Series Arifureta
Location Area: 78
Floors: 1,12,23
Element Grassgrass
How to defeat Aiko Hatayama floor »
Talent: Trick Room DEF Rank S+
If the enemy familiars' DEF is higher than yours, your allies gain DEF equal to 60% of the difference between the two DEF's, and simultaneously reduce their DEF by the same amount
You have to think of other people, even if it’s only a little.
Akira Hayama
Series Shokugeki No Soma
Location Area: 57
Floors: 1, 12, 23
Element Grassgrass
How to defeat Akira Hayama floor »
Team recommendation to defeat Akira Hayama raid »
Talent: Dominance [Passive]
While your HP % is greater than or equal to the enemy's HP %, increase the ATK of allies by 17%
I'm perfectly prepared. [ngk06titi]