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Natsu Dragneel

Natsu Dragneel
Series Fairy Tail
Location Area: 27
Floors: 11, 23, 35
Element Firefire
How to defeat Natsu Dragneel floor
Most floors below .loc 47 can be defeated using any cards with Overload talent,
with SR Escanor Evo 3 as the most popular choice

Credits: AniGame Floor Guide
Team recommendation to defeat Natsu Dragneel raid »
Talent SR/UR: Blaze Rank B
Inflict a stack of Burn to enemy familiars, dealing 10% True damage per turn, as well as reducing all healing effects on them by 75%
Base Stats
HP: 80
ATK: 95
DEF: 64
SPD: 81
TOTAL: 320

Maxed SR
HP: 234
ATK: 277
DEF: 187
SPD: 236
TOTAL: 934

Maxed UR
HP: 270
ATK: 321
DEF: 216
SPD: 273
TOTAL: 1080

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