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Akeno Himejima
Series High School DxD
Location Area: 26
Floors: 1, 7, 13
Element Electricelectric
How to defeat Akeno Himejima floor »
Team recommendation to defeat Akeno Himejima raid »
Talent: Rejuvenation
Restore the HP of all allied familiars by 12%, as well as increasing healing effects on allied familiars by 10%, up to a maximum of 50% heal increase
Even the phoenix that rises from the ashes can’t recover instantly from mental damage.[ADSouto]
Series Noragami
Location Area: 47
Floors: 1, 8, 15
Element Electricelectric
How to defeat Bishamonten floor »
Team recommendation to defeat Bishamonten raid »
Talent: Lucky Coin
Roll a 20 sided dice. Your allied familiars gain the amount rolled x 3 HP/ATK/DEF/SPD at random
You're human, you're allowed to make mistakes! [謖]
Series Pluto
Location Clan Shop November 2023
Element Electricelectric
Talent: Paralysis
Gain a 40% chance to inflict a stack of Stun to enemy familiars, disabling their next turn, as well as permanently decreasing their DEF by 10%
Don't worry about me. I'm built tough. King of the fighters, they call me.