Latest update: CNY Valentines 2024 event

Series Halloween 2023
Location Halloween 2023
Element Darkdark
Talent: Ultimate Combo
Every time this ability is casted, increase your Fighting Counter by 1, and gain 20 Mana. This skill deals 3% of your SPD x the amount of Fighting Counters you have as True damage (unaffected by modifiers). If your allied familiars have a total of 3 Fighting Counters, this skill deals 30% of your opponent's max HP as True damage instead (unaffected by modifiers), and your Fighting Counters are reset back to 0.
In the dim light, the skeletal form of Deathrattle is unmistakably canine. Its bones, devoid of any flesh, glisten eerily, and each step it takes produces a haunting rattle from the collection of small bones that hang like a collar around its neck. The hollows of its skull glow with a soft blue light, giving an impression of life in the otherwise lifeless form. Despite its skeletal appearance, there's an undeniable sense of loyalty and alertness in its stance, as if waiting for a command from an unseen master.