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Series Pluto
Location Clan Shop November 2023
Element Darkdark
Talent: Smokescreen
Inflict the debuff Smokescreen to enemy familiars, causing a 45% chance to miss their attacks and damage from spells. This effect can last up to 3 turns
Card(s) with the same element and talent


Base Stats
HP: 90
ATK: 62
DEF: 98
SPD: 90
TOTAL: 340

Maxed SR
HP: 263
ATK: 181
DEF: 286
SPD: 263
TOTAL: 993

Maxed UR
HP: 304
ATK: 209
DEF: 331
SPD: 304
TOTAL: 1148

I am afraid of myself now that I've learned how to feel hatred.

Halloween 2023 Floor Guide

Event is already over
Use your Halloween charms while .ev redeem is still available

Card Numbers

91 x Firefire
63 x Grassgrass
87 x Groundground
95 x Waterwater
102 x Lightlight
132 x Darkdark
107 x Neutralneutral
Total: 727