Komi Shouko

Komi Shouko
Series Komi Cant Communicate
Location Vote Reward 2023 May
Element Neutralneutral
Talent: Smokescreen
Inflict the debuff Smokescreen to enemy familiars, causing a 45% chance to miss their attacks and damage from spells. This effect can last up to 3 turns
Base Stats
HP: 80
ATK: 88
DEF: 70
SPD: 93
TOTAL: 331

Maxed SR
HP: 234
ATK: 257
DEF: 204
SPD: 272
TOTAL: 967

Maxed UR
HP: 270
ATK: 297
DEF: 236
SPD: 314
TOTAL: 1117

I can't even say hi to people, even though it seems so simple for others.