Nino Nakano

Nino Nakano
Series The Quintessential Quintuplets
Location Area: 63
Floors: 5, 11, 17
Element Lightlight
How to defeat Nino Nakano floor
Popular minimum recommendation:
Credits: AniGame Floor Guide
Talent SR/UR: Restricted Instinct
Inflicts a stack of Silence on enemy familiars for up to 3 turns, restricting any of their abilities to be used
Base Stats
HP: 76
ATK: 95
DEF: 76
SPD: 76
TOTAL: 323

Maxed SR
HP: 222
ATK: 277
DEF: 222
SPD: 222
TOTAL: 943

Maxed UR
HP: 256
ATK: 321
DEF: 256
SPD: 256
TOTAL: 1089

I will never accept you, even if it means being hated by my sisters.