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Series Pluto
Location Clan Shop November 2023
Element Waterwater
Talent: Endurance
Buff your allies with Endurance, taking 65% less damage from normal attacks for 3 turns
Card(s) with the same element and talent

Jonathan Joestar

Naomi Misora

Airi Sakura

Base Stats
HP: 89
ATK: 74
DEF: 77
SPD: 94
TOTAL: 334

Maxed SR
HP: 260
ATK: 216
DEF: 225
SPD: 274
TOTAL: 975

Maxed UR
HP: 300
ATK: 250
DEF: 260
SPD: 317
TOTAL: 1127

Humans make such weird faces sometimes.

Halloween 2023 Floor Guide

Event is already over
Use your Halloween charms while .ev redeem is still available

Card Numbers

91 x Firefire
63 x Grassgrass
87 x Groundground
95 x Waterwater
102 x Lightlight
132 x Darkdark
107 x Neutralneutral
Total: 727